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IRAN: Mr Behi/Steve

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The fist of the Earth

Last weekend, Mr and Mrs Behi enjoyed the time and went out of town to the east where one of the Iranian most famous natural symbols is proudly sitting on her thrown.

Damavand has always been the symbol of strengths and proud to all Iranians. We have it’s face on our bank notes, they show it to us with some national themes on TV when they need people to like them, and she has her footprints all over the place in history and culture. This 5670m high giant is a relatively young volcano with it’s latest eruption dated to be around 7300 years ago. The beauty, the pride and the magnificence of her edifice always grab my eyes and fix my attention and I remember the times I spent up around her northern glaciers. The roar of the ice falls around mid-day, the steep cliffs and the high rising birds and hours of climbing with only three sounds, wind, my breath and my steps.
There is a fantastic poem about Damavand made by Mohammad Taghi Bahar and it starts kind of like this.
You, the captive beast
You, the dome of heavens, Damavand
From silver a shield over your head [the glacier]
The iron belt around in the middle
You are the fist of the Earth
Left over from rotation of centuries
No, you are not the fist of the Earth
Dear mountain! I am not happy about what I said
You are the lonely heart of the land
Bulged a little because of it’s pain
And the poem goes on where the content becomes a little bit political and the poet talks to Damavand asking it to rise and finish the cruelty and injustice.

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