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IRAN: Mr Behi/Steve

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Work, rest and play...

Hello, well how do I start this...

My name is Steve and I'm a fairly regular guy.
I live in Coventry, a city in the centre of England. Coventry has a rich industrial history and fittingly I am an engineer. I work for a prestige car company, I won't say which one but you can probably work it out with a quick 'Coventry prestige car company' on google!

I was born in Coventry in 1978 and apart from my three years studying Mechanical Engineering in Leeds (North England) I have always lived here.

Last year I married my wife Rachel. We met at school in 1989 but lost touch until around four years ago when we met up via the website friendsreunited!

I had always liked Rachel at school but never quite worked up the courage to tell her, fortunately with a few more years life experience I managed to let her know how I felt!

Rachel is currently studying law at University. Together we parent her 8 year old son.

So... that's a bit about home life, on to work and the play I guess.

My job is quite technical I work in computer aided engineering (CAE). I use a tool called finite element analysis (FEA) to assess different designs of vehicle in crash test scenarios. It's a virtual test. This helps design vehicles without building expensive prototypes. I am currently assessing future vehicles for an American crash test which involves a 1500kg truck type barrier hitting a car in a side impact at 30 miles per hour. It's a really severe test as the dummy inside is a small female model which is really very fragile. We are having to overcome a lot of challenges to meet the requirements - the pressure is on at the moment. I run a small team of engineers focusing on side impacts, rear impacts and quasi-static load cases (things like roof crush of vehicles). I really like my job it's always throwing up new challenges and forcing me to use my brain!

In my spare time I play bass guitar in a band. I've been playing music since I was eight, starting off as a trumpeter in a brass band and then picking up the guitar (and then the bass guitar) in my teens. The latest group I'm with is a blues band which plays songs buy the artist Gary Moore. I'm not really a huge blues fan but I'm enjoying the band none the less. It's a seven piece group with a three piece brass section. Have a look at my old band website ( and there is a link to the new band stuff.

My old band (Mr Ben) was a five piece band playing rock and pop music typical of the UK charts from the last 40 years (everything from The Beatles to Coldplay). This band was really good fun. We played together for three years and finished last year. The guitar player in the band was my best friend from school and the other guys were really good friends too. We had a great time playing pubs, parties and weddings.

Anyway I better sign off here - I've spent far too much time on this for today - Rachel is looking a bit lonely as I type away...


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At 10:32 PM, Anonymous KS said...

Nice info there Mr Behi :P

Good Blog, Good Simple Posts.


At 12:54 AM, Anonymous kim said...

hi there, i visited coventry this year and stayed one night in the coventry peace house...could you tell us something about it...

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Kandy said...

Hey-hey-hey. Nice blog. I like the back ground! YOu really play in a band? I'd love to play for a band too, in my spare time, as a drummer. :>. Stay kool!

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo, hi are ya doing?!?!?! Hi, I really liked your blog, I myself have a blog that I've just created. Wanna know why I created it? Because when I saw your post, I really thought that having a blog might be fun to put some interesting stories in there like yours. By the way, my name is Maria and I'm 13 years old. Right now, I am living in Saudi Arabia because my dad works here. He deals with Saudi Arabia's biggest resource, which is its oil/petroleum.We are not from Saudi Arabia, we are living here, in a compund ( like a resort with houses that people actually live in it, until their contract with the company ends and have to go back to their own home country again)because he works here in Saudi Arabia and he gets paid a lot, we are actually from Toronto, Canada! Canada and England ROCKS!!! By the way, I play the flute for the school band for a grade.Band is part of the school curriculem, it's an elective and I enjoy playing the flute. We play classical pieces, marchs, carnaval musics,pop,rock, etc... So we pretty much play all kinds of music types, except that sometimes I don't get to play because in rock and some music pieces, flutes don't play.
Wow, you actually inspired a 13 year old to actually create her own blog.Trust me, I'm not a typing person, and I'm kinda lazy to do these things. Thanks for your inspiring blog and I'm happy that you were able to tell your wife after so many years how you felt about her. Good for you!!!
Ps. Peace out!!!
Ps. I live near the desert of Saudi Arabia. Damn it's hot in here!

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Me said...

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At 3:01 AM, Blogger Me said...

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